RW-8000 750Mbps 20dBi点对多点基站


采用以色列技术的RW8000 系列点对多点产品,满足用户在高端需求的应用,超高的性价比。

Product Highlights

• Smart beamforming antennas supporting Duo 5.x GHz band.
• Up to 750 Mbps net aggregated throughput
• Configurable operating band: 5.x GHz   Long range - Up to 40 km / 25 miles
• Supports up to 64 HSUs
• CIR or Best-Effort per HSU/SU
• Built-in GPS • Advanced MIMO, OFDM and Diversity technologies
• Robust and reliable operation in harsh environments
• Ease of operation


RW-5BG5-9650 750Mbps 20dBi点对多点基站(图1)